Board of directors

Nowadays Russian industry is coming under serious testing. The international financial and economic crisis is gathering its pace. That is the reason for the enterprises of forest industry to operate according to new realities of the market. Appearing of new difficulties should not prevent the industry sector from strategy realization. If we want to achieve excellent results in future, we should modify our activity according to the existing situation.

We must keep stable work of one of the main sectors of economics now. It’s necessary not only to receive the government support but also to balance as much as possible the usage of all the resources we have, to optimize the activity aimed to further successive development and innovations. The crisis will just accelerate the realization of priority projects in accordance with the established Holding’s strategy of development.

In the new economic conditions "Cherepovetsles" successfully continues its work. Our principles remain constant: competitive growth on the Russian and international markets of wood industry, sustainable forest management and delivery of services meeting interests of our partners, creation of favourable labour conditions and social guarantees for our employees.

We intend to keep announced grounds in future. It’s necessary to move forward purposefully according to the company’s strategy of development aimed at the result. We can declare With confidence that the Holding "Cherepovetsles" is ready for serious results in business.

The Chairman of the Board
Sergey Sukharev

General provisions

Highest management body of "Cherepovetsles" is the General Shareholders Meeting. In between the general shareholders meeting highest body is the Board of Directors.

It consists of 5 people. They are elected by simple vote during annual general meeting. The Board of Directors carries out general management of the company’s activity. The main task of the Board members is to develop policy for profitability increase.

Board of Directors

  • Sergey Sukharev — Chairman of the Board
  • Valery Pisarev —  Director General of "Cherepovetsles"
  • Sukharev Alexey — Head of strategic planning Department of "Cherepovetsles"
  • Shikolenko Andrey — Financial Director of "Cherepovetsles"
  • Trubachev Oleg — Head of Sawn timber Sales department of "Cherepovetsles"