История компании Череповецлес

В октябре 2019 года введен в эксплуатацию цех по производству древесных гранул (пеллет) в пеллетном цехе АО «Белозерский леспромхоз»

In 2014 “Cherepovetsles “ launched production of fuel briquettes on the basis of advance equipment by C.F.Nielsen (Denmark). Briquette mill is located on AO “Belozerky LPH” base. Production facilities allow us to produce 12 000 tons of fuel briquettes per year.


Holding enterprises (OAO "Babaevsky LPH", OAO "Vashkinsky LPH", OOO "Belozerskles" and the head office "Cherepovetsles") underwent the group certification. Forest area under certification totaled 312 thousand ha. Today all holding enterprises are FSC certified.


"Belozersky LPH" - the largest enterprise in the Holding structure – was one of the first enterprises in Vologda region to be certified against the international standards of forest management. "Belozersky LPH" confirmed that its activity complies with the economical, ecological and social criteria of sustainable forest management.


"Cherepovetsles" affairs with foreign customers again were highly recognized by the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of the Russian Federation. The company was awarded with the title "The Best Russian Exporter".


The company activity was approved by the international environmental organization "Greenpeace".


The company was acknowledged as "The Best Russian Exporter" in timber industry. This title was confirmed by the Honourable Diploma of the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of the Russian Federation.


Privatization has begun in Russia. On the ground of the Ministerial Order timber industry associations including "Cherepovetsles" ceased to exist. Suda house-building company and Zhelyabov timber factory began to work independently. Timber logging companies continued to operate within the reformed timber industrial association "Cherepovetsles" on a voluntary basis.


Association "Cherepovetsles" fulfilled the planned targets and was awarded with the Honorable Diplomas of the RSFSR government. The same year the Association founded the Labour Museum. It exhibited photos and illustrations, production awards and etc.


The company came back to the prewar volumes of production. In comparison with 1946 all the production indexes have been increased by 2.5 times.


The trust company was awarded with the Red Banner of defense for its work under severe war conditions.


The name of "Cherepovetsles" was officially registered. Trust company with the same name was organized on the basis of the boom company.


Boom company was organized on the basis of "Cherepovetsky LPH". In 5 years it became the leading enterprise within trust company "Cherepovetsles". The boom company was engaged in timber floating along 35 rivers with total length of floatable ways of about 2000 km.


Компания «Череповецлес» реализовала проект строительства нового современного лесопильного завода по выпуску сухих хвойных пиломатериалов экспортного качества производительностью 100 000 м³ в год. Инициатором проекта является компания ООО «Белозерсклес», входящая в состав холдинговой компании.

At the international exhibition-fair "Russian Wood" "Cherepovetsles" was awarded the golden medal for contribution to the development of the wood industry.
Company activity was noted in two contests at a time. The Holding became the winner of the all-Russia "Lesprom.ru" award in the nomination "For effective forest management" and of the national "Golden Mercury" award in the field of entrepreneurship. Company’s ecological rating was leveled up to "Eco A+".
"Cherepovetsles" was acknowledged as one of the leaders of the independent Eco-rating by WWF and RAEX. Based on the results of investigation the Holding received "Eco A" rating as the company with high level of ecological responsibility and low level of ecological risks.

The modern sawmill started to operate in N. Mondoma (Belozersk district) in July. The sawmill was built at the "Cherepovetsles" expense and equipped with the advanced machinery. It can produce from 60 thousand cbm of sawn timber annually.


The company was acknowledged as "The Best Russian Exporter" for the second time.


Another birthday of the company. The association was reformed into OAO "Timber Industrial Holding Company "Cherepovetsles".


The first issue of the corporation newspaper "Forest Worker" came out in January. On its pages the editorial staff proclaimed that it would publish not only information about labour success but also "Everything that creates obstacles to carry out taken socialistic obligations, state plans and tasks… all these will be severely criticized." The journalists responsibly fulfilled their duties until both association and newspaper ceased to exist in 1991.


Ministry of forest and wood working industry of the USSR issued the Order No. 166. Purpose of this document is to stimulate development of wood working enterprises. As the result, the trust company "Cherepovetsles" was transformed into a larger structure – industrial logging association with the same name. In addition to Cherepovets boom company and a number of other timber logging enterprises, Zhelyabov timber factory and Suda house-building company were included into the enlarged "Cherepovetsles". Association began to produce large amounts of logs, boards, chips, parts for houses and school desks, box containers.


The company began returning to peaceful life and summing up results of the War years. During the period from 1941 till 1945 more than 70 workers of the trust company, including 41 women have been rewarded with the orders and medals.


In several months after the beginning of the War in the office building of "Cherepovetsles" (Lenina str., 80) an evacuating hospital was organized, where the injured soldiers were cured. The company's staff members continued working in the same building.


"Cherepovetsky LPH" set up the production of railway sleepers. Equipment for production of broad and narrow sleepers, crossing sleepers and sawn timber began to operate at the Suda railway station. 45 thousand sleepers were produced during the first year of operation.


"Cherepovetsky LPH" started to operate in October. The main tasks were: organization of timber harvesting, timber floating and forestry.