In 1999 the company started to develop the project of a modern sawmill. Chipper-canter technologies were chosen for round timber processing and production of sawn timber with maximum output. By-products: sawdust and chips are used for further industrial processing. Equipment for the sawmill was delivered by German company SAB Sägewerksanlagen GmbH.

In summer 2001 line for sawing and line for sorting were put into operation. The full-scale production started in July 2002, after sorting and debarking lines with production capacity 200 thousand cbm per year were put into operation. The products are dried in drying kilns which were put into operation in complex with the boiler that uses sawdust as fuel. Designed production capacity of the enterprise is up to 100.000 m3 of sawn timber per year. Only high-quality coniferous wood (70% spruce and 30% pine) is used for production as raw material.

The sawmill is located some meters away from the port of Niznya Mondoma (Belozersky district), on the bank of the Beloe Ozero (White Lake). Therefore the company has an opportunity to deliver products by vessels of "river — sea" type, as well as by trucks and containers.

Sawn timber is delivered to Europe, China, North Africa, where it is used for glued constructions (beams and panels), furniture, planed stock, construction units and packing materials production.

Plywood and furniture factory in Cherepovets, Sheksna board factory and Segezha pulp and paper factory, Sweden enterprises are the consumers of chips. Special area for chips loading is equipped in the port.

For more information please contact Sawn timber Sales department