Principles of activity

Principles of activity and ecological policy of "Cherepovetsles" and the holding enterprises 

The holding company "Cherepovetsles" is engaged in wood harvesting and processing, timber products marketing and sales. Timber harvesting is done in accordance with the national legislation and agrees to the international FSC principles of forest management. During timber harvesting the enterprises use environment-oriented methods such as winter period for selective cutting, viable young growth preservation, constant observation of sustainable forest management principles.

Timber harvesting is done on the leased woodlands with high responsibility for the state of forest use. Reforestation works, forest roads construction and maintenance, fire preservation measures, assistance to local population are carried out on the leased territories. In accordance with the principles of the Russian National Forest Stewardship Standard woodlots of high conservation value forests are distinguished, monitored and preserved.

Ecological aspects

Gradual change for partial cutting to preserve ecological protection functions of woods and to provide natural reforestation; carrying-out of the particular ecological programs; improvement of staff’s ecological skills; keeping total square of high conservation value forests not less than it was planned.

Social aspects

Heads of enterprises provide realization of the worker’s social rights, safety performance, consideration of local population. Information about the state of forest resources, ways of their usage and economic conditions is available for the local population.

Policy carrying-out

"Cherepovetsles" and the holding enterprises annually assess the results of activity concerning the nature protection, make corrections in accordance with new requirements of the forest legislation and the Russian National Forest Stewardship Standard.

Timber products marketing and sales

Customers’ requests and needs are considered to the utmost, illegally harvested timber is not used, relationships with the consumers are built upon contracts and FSC Standards STD-40-004, 40-005, 30-010 (upgraded versions).


"Cherepovetsles" and the holding enterprises are open to the society and voluntarily inform partners, staff and society about all the ecological programs, monitorings in process and changes in social policy.

Approved by the Board of Directors

January 16, 2008