The Company Business Values

Continual improvement

  • Training;
  • Development of the company in all directions of its activities;
  • The employees’ professional and personal improvement;
  • Initiativity;
  • Innovative approach.

Relations of partnership

  • Individual approach to each partner;
  • Openness for communication;
  • Corporate reputation;
  • Taking another viewpoint into account.

Environmental liability

  • To comply with the principles of sustainable forest management;
  • To take part in domestic and process waste recovery programs;
  • Environmental education;
  • Openness to the society.

Team spirit

  • Business integrity;
  • Corporative responsibilityь;
  • Mutual aid and respect;
  • Commitment to the profession.

Social accountability

  • Social protection;
  • Enterprise transparency;
  • Labor dynasty support;
  • Taking active part in public and charitable activities;
  • Living and working conditions improvement.