In 2014 “Cherepovetsles “ launched production of NIELSEN fuel briquettes on the basis of advance equipment by C.F.Nielsen (Denmark)being the leading international manufacturer in fuel briquettes production.

Briquette mill is located on OAO “Belozerky LPH” base, on the bank of the Beloe Ozero (White Lake). The production upholds all sanitary regulations. Production facilities allow us to produce 12 000 tons of fuel briquettes per year. The company has all necessary technical equipment, as well as skilled manpower for production of a high quality product meeting European standards. We are able to produce briquettes with a hole or without it at customer’s option.

Briquettes production technology

Sawdust and refined chips from debarked sawn timber production is put at the inlet as a raw material. The raw material is crushed to required fraction, comes to drying drum and achieves 8-12% moisture content at the outlet. Finished dried fraction comes directly to press, is briquetted and gets cool. Than it is cut to required length and packed in a heat shrinkable film.

Briquettes production equipment

“Cherepovetsles “ uses briquetting equipment by the most advance manufacturers for production of high-quality products. Our mill has Alfa 1000 drying drum of joint Italian and Swiss manufacture, Bruks HH 300x1200 hammer mill from Germany, two C.F.Nielsen presses from Denmark, as well as packing unit by Kallfass, Germany.

Briquettes product description

The equipment we have allows us to produce industrial  briquettes  - “washers” besides standard briquettes. This type of product is made on a by-order basis.  We always track the quality of our product and accuracy of delivery terms fulfillment.

Briquettes packaging

Briquettes are packed in a sealed plastic wrapper. One pack unit may contain 4-5 briquettes depending on customer’s option. Wooden pallets are used for shipment. Card pads are laid between the rows, card corners are set on the ends and the whole assembly is wrapped with straps in order to keep it safe during transporting.  Also “big bags” (500 and 1000 kg) can be used for the goods packing.