"Cherepovetsles" considers care about keeping the nature rich and diverse as one of the main conditions of its activity. The company carries out ecological policy based on the principles of sustainable forest management, efficient timber operations and proper forest maintenance.

The enterprises within "Cherepovetsles" lease more than 744 000 ha of forestland. Annual harvesting is done at 60% of territory. However, the company takes constant responsibility for all the leased area. Such form of forest management excludes unauthorized felling and other kinds of criminal activities, lack of control over wood sale.

Harvesting is done using cut-to-length technology. This technology makes reforestation similar to natural process. Timber logging enterprises take an active part in reforestation. Annually on the territory over 3 500 ha enterprises clear harvesting areas from felling residues and windfalls, prepare soil. Spruce plantlets are transplanted on the area of 600 ha, healthy young growth of spruce is preserved.

In 2003 the company successfully completed the environmental audit organized by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). In August 2004, "Belozersky LPH" was one of the first timber companies in the North-West of Russia to be certified as meeting the FSC™ requirements of forest management standards. In March 2005, the sawmill of "Belozersky LPH" located in Niznya Mondoma received COC (Chain of Custody) certificate. In May 2005, "Cherepovetsles" underwent the audit on conformity of its activity to the Standard for Chain of Custody Certification 2.0 GFA. Thus, trading chain of FSC™ certified production was closed. At the present, all holding enterprises are FSC certified.

The Holding activities are fully approved not only by the environmental departments of our foreign customers, but also by leading environmental organizations, including "Greenpeace" and "WWF". In 2004 the company became a member of Association of Environmentally Responsible Timber Producers of Russia.

"Cherepovetsles" takes an active part in the international projects. In 2003 the company became the participant of the joint Russian-Finnish project "We Take on Responsibility Together". The aimof the project was improving the quality of economic, ecological and social aspects of timber harvesting in Russia. In 2004 "Belozersky LPH" presented to the experts of Finnish Jyvaskylya University data for estimation of social effect of timber felling on the life of the local people. Investigations on this project are currently in process.

In Autumn 2005, the group of American researchers visited "Belozersky LPH" to investigate the experience of FSC-certification process. The visitors gave a high rating to the company’s ecological activity.

At the present "Cherepovetsles" is one of the participants of the international project within the FLEGT process "Verifying the Legal Origin of Russian Timber". The project was initiated by Russian and Dutch representative offices of WWF.

In 2003 "Cherepovetsles" was one of 29 largest Russian forest companies to take part in the first independent ecological rating initiated by RAEX (Expert RA) together with WWF. After estimation the Holding was given a high "Eco A" rating.

After another investigation in August 2005 ecological rating of "Cherepovetsles" was leveled up to "Eco A+". That means high level of ecological responsibility and low ecological risks. RAEX experts noted that high level of forest management and active certification of its enterprises influenced positively on the ecological rating of "Cherepovetsles".

In 2005 environmental activity of the company was marked by the national award "" for the effective forest management.

In 2006 in the frames of this award the company became a winner in the nomination "For the special contribution to environment protection".