OOO "Belozerskles"

Timber felling company "Onega Forest Belozersk", nowadays "Belozerskles", was founded in 1994 by Swedish businessmen. The company was initially equipped by modern harvesting machinery and equipment and oriented mainly at using Nordic cut-to-length technology.

In 1996 foreign partners refused to continue joint business due to the crisis in timber industry and the enterprise was on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1997 OOO "Belozerskles" became a part of "Chererpovetsles" and managed to overcome difficulties.

The company didn't change its main profile. Currently annual felling volume is 270 thousand cbm. Effective "John Deere" machinery and equipment is used at work.

In 2002 the company started to organize wood-working production. The sawing line was put into operation. The saw line is equipped with equipment produced by Finnish company "KARA", "Koetter Dry Kiln" drying kilns, "Feller" planer.

A service center was organized on the basis of OOO "Belozerskles" as a result of initiating a fully foreign equipment program. In January, 2006 service center began to operate as a separate unit — "Belozerskservice"

Service maintenance of John Deere machinery and equipment for enterprises in Vologda region is carried out by 5 operators having got training in Finland and Canada and gradually improving their skill.

In 2006 OOO "Belozerskles" was FSC certified as a part of the Holding group.

Director — Nikandrov Konstantin Valerievich