Vashkinsky LPH

AO "Vaschkinsky LPH"

AO "Vaschkinsky LPH" is a stable enterprise, with annual harvesting volume to 250 thousand cbm of timber. Round timber is delivered by water via the Volga-Baltic waterway the buyers from Sweden, Finland, Norway and also to the local market.

In 2006 the enterprise was FSC certified as a part of the Holding group.

As a result of update program only Nordic cut-to-length harvesting technique is applied at timber harvesting.

Timber harvesting is carried out in compliance with all requirements of the forest legislation, actively introducing methods of sustainable forestry. Gradual, selective and improvement typed of felling are practiced by the company. The specialists of the company take an active part in reforestation.

General director — Andrei Vyacheslavovich Fomin