Round timber harvesting

Timber harvesting is one of the main activities of "Cherepovetsles".

"Cherepovetsles" consists of 4 timber harvesting enterprises located in the North-Western part of the Vologda region. More than 1,45 mln. cbm of timber is delivered to the buyers annually, including:




Birch plywood beginning from 16 cm 3,3 m — 5 m
Aspen, birch, spruce, pine pulpwood beginning from 6 cm 1 — 4 m


Currently major part of timber felling is done using Nordic technique. It is based on final and selective felling in woodlands holding by the Russian Federation government with the usage of foreign machinery and equipment.

Various Russian machinery as well as efficient foreign equipment is used by timber harvesting enterprises. The company actively cooperates with "John Deere". Currently 18 harvesters and 20 forwarders are used in production.

Service maintenance of machinery and equipment is carried out in authorized service center "Belozerskservice", which was opened on the basis of "Belozerskles" by joint efforts of "TimberJack" and "Cherepovetsles"

The products are transported to the customers by water, trucks and railway.

For more information please contact Round timber Sales department