Activity of the company

Round timber, sawn timber and biofuel production
Our products
Number of delivery countries

The main products of timber harvesting are sawlogs, peeler logs, aspen, birch, spruce and pine pulpwood. The main product of wood processing is kiln dried spruce and pine sawn timber. The additional woodworking product is biofuel (wood pellets and briquettes), the cellulose chips and sawdust.

All products are certificated in accordance with international standards. Products by Cherepovetsles has been delivered to the largest enterprises in Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, France and China. The products are transported to the customers by water, trucks and railway.

Number of delivery countries
Marketable products in the total volume of production
Sawn timber
Kiln dried spruce and pine sawn timber
Round timber
Aspen, birch, spruce and pine pulpwood
Wood pellets
Wood chips
Spruce and pine
Procurement and production

Cherepovetsles company produces 1.5 million m³ of round timber and realizes 270 thousand m³ of sawn timber

Round timber
Round timber is delivered by water, road and rail
Sawn timber
Supply of sawn timber of export quality by water, road and rail
Export deliveries of fuel pellets - pellets in big bags and bags on pallets
АО «Сегежский ЦБК»
Metsäliitto (Finland)
Södra (Sweden)
StoraEnso (Finland-Sweden)
UPM (Finland)
Свеза Усть-Ижора
Кондопожский ЦБК
ДОК «Калевала»
Ust-Izhora plywood mill
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